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Jerry Makes Top 100 Again

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2008 by Jerry

So I got the letter yesterday from the Georgia MS Society and I made the Top 100 again this year. Thanks to everyone who donated to the Society to support my ride for my daughter, Lauren. It’s a great cause and it insures that I get at least 30 days of excercise each year:-). If you make the list, you get a ‘special’ jersey (I think I need to introduce the MS people to some AIGA designers) and covered VIP parking for your bike. For those of you who’ve followed the story, Lauren is doing great now and has gone back to school to finish her degree. More about this in the fall. To find out more about the ride or to sign up, go to


Are My Light-bulbs Time-bombs?

Posted in Environment on January 22, 2008 by studioburns

I was changing the light-bulbs in my kitchen from incandescent lights to compact fluorescents when I noticed a warning on the base of the bulb. It turns out that the bulbs that everyone is so excited about contain mercury. So, after I ranted for a while about the short sighted nature of our energy solutions, I decided to get a little more proactive and find out the best ways to dispose of flourescents. Much better than ranting.

As it turns out, recycling, of course, seems to be the best way to dispose of the buggers. (If for some reason you can’t bring yourself to recycle them and it’s just you at your house, double bag them in zip lock baggies and throw them away with your regular household trash. This is in no way good for the environment but it helps contain the spread of mercury before it gets to the landfill. Give the garbage guys and gals a chance.) There are very few places that recycle them at the moment. Your best option seems to be to take your spent compact fluorescent bulbs to IKEA for recycling. They generally keep a recycle bin near the registers. It’s free instead of .75 – 1.00 (and taken on the right day can even get you a discount on their As-Is section). There are other options. The following is a list of recyclers.


The following firms have informed the Georgia Environmental Protection Division that they are universal waste lamp recyclers. This listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

AERC Recycling Solutions
4317 Fortune Place, Suite J
West Melbourne, Fl. 32904
(321) 952-1516

Bethlehem Apparatus Co. Inc.

890 Front Street

PO Box Y

Hellertown, PA 18055


Cleanlites Recycling, Inc.

100 Fine Road

Spartanburg, SC 29303


Earth Protection Services, Inc.

102 Twenty-nine Court

Williamston, SC 29697

Environmental Light Recyclers

2737 Bryan Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76104-6716



Green Lights Recycling Inc.

10040 Davenport St. NE

Blaine, MN, 55449-4423



415 Kaiser Ind. Dr.

Kaiser, MO 65047



46257 Morris Road

PO Box 2962

Hammond, LA 70404-2962


Lighting Resources LLC.

5403 Jet View Circle

Tampa, FL 33634


Veolia Environmental Service

342 Marpan Lane

Tallahassee, FL 32305


Southeast Recycling, Inc.

906 Chase Drive

Johnson City, TN 37604


USA Lamp and Ballast

7806 Anthony Wayne Blvd.

Cincinnati, OH 45216