iphone and imac not on speaking terms

I just got a shiny new iMac which is just waiting to be cluttered to death… part of the cluttering process is transferring clunky data from all sorts of other places. In this case, I decided I would attempt to transfer my address book info from my iPhone to my iMac wirelessly. I was all excited as this was my first real experiment with bluetooth technology… so I set everything into motion. Voila, my computer sees my phone but for some reason my phone does not see my computer. There were plenty of tutorials on how to get your bluetooth device to connect to your iMac… but I had already completed all the steps… so I called Apple…It turns out.. get this…. it turns out that the iPhone isn’t set up to “talk” to other apple devices. Huh… it’s a snobby little gadget that will only talk to headsets… we might be able to fix this if we all ban together and send them letters (www.apple.com/feedback). What good is it being an Apple junkie if the club is purely aesthetic? 


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