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Under the Tuscan Sun

Posted in Travel on March 30, 2008 by Jerry

jerrytusccrw_7470.jpgIt’s hard thankless work, but somebody has to do it. Crawling around in vineyards getting grape juice on your shoes. Risking skin cancer under the Tuscan Sun. And to think I could have taken a nice safe corporate job with health insurance, a 401k  and my own fluorescent lit cubicle! Will I ever learn?!!


How to Become a Published Author

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2008 by studioburns

Recently, I shot a series at a church in my neighborhood. I had to put a collection together for a grant proposal and ended up liking the collection enough that I wanted to make a book. I had seen Blurb books at an APA event and decided to give the process a try. It was hard not to get a little giddy when I got the book in the mail. It’s a professionally bound hardback book complete with a dust jacket! There are some limitations. The print quality isn’t like it just came off of your epson, and there are limitations to layout and color choices. But all in all it is a fun process with a great product! If you don’t want to put one together just to see what the quality is like, you can always order one of mine! 

Last Tango in Buenos Aires

Posted in Travel on March 2, 2008 by studioburns

suzetangoimg_0560.jpgTonight we went to the private home of Alejandro for dinner. It’s a beautiful apartment on the twelfth floor across from the racetrack. It was like a Latin version of a Woody Allen party. Tessa sang Opera, Enrique gave Suzanne Tango lessons and sang Tango. Alejandro and Enrique cooked risotto and vegetables for the crowd while we drank wine from Luigi Bosca. Later on a film director and crew from Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Hollywood showed up and told us about the film they’re making called ‘Negro Buenos Aires’ about the 2001 crash in Argentina. 

Travel tip #25

Posted in Travel on March 2, 2008 by studioburns

If it smells like shit, check your wallet. If you have a weak stomach, stop reading now. If you like a good laugh in a yeewwww sort of way, continue. I had heard of this pick-pocket technique just before I went to Madrid. Somebody comes up from behind and throws shit on you. While you’re busy being grossed out and wondering w.t.f. just happened, a good samaratin or two appear with napkins to help you clean up. Before you know it, they’re gone and so is your wallet! If I hadn’t been out with my new Argentine amigos until 4 a.m. and had had my Cafe con leche, I would have been thinking faster and maybe avoided a little trouble. Oh well, these people are as poor as dirt and they need it more than I do. Now I can just smile knowingly when someone tells me they’re ‘having a shitty day’.

Street Tango in Buenos Aires

Posted in Uncategorized on March 1, 2008 by studioburns

Fred and Ginger got nothing on Francisca y Eduardo. I caught up with them in Plaza Dorrego, the oldest plaza in Buenos Aires, where they perform the Tango several times a week. It was stunning to watch them (and not get run over)!small_tango_img_0510.jpg