Travel tip #25

If it smells like shit, check your wallet. If you have a weak stomach, stop reading now. If you like a good laugh in a yeewwww sort of way, continue. I had heard of this pick-pocket technique just before I went to Madrid. Somebody comes up from behind and throws shit on you. While you’re busy being grossed out and wondering w.t.f. just happened, a good samaratin or two appear with napkins to help you clean up. Before you know it, they’re gone and so is your wallet! If I hadn’t been out with my new Argentine amigos until 4 a.m. and had had my Cafe con leche, I would have been thinking faster and maybe avoided a little trouble. Oh well, these people are as poor as dirt and they need it more than I do. Now I can just smile knowingly when someone tells me they’re ‘having a shitty day’.


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