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Have a Beer with Jay Maisel

Posted in Misc Projects on May 24, 2008 by studioburns

Recently I was lucky enough to host the legendary photographer, Jay Maisel. Jay was in town to speak at the Portfolio Center and later in the week at the Center for Design Studies. Between those dates, I invited my photographer friends who also contribute to the program at PC to come over to StudioBurns and meet the legend. I brought my photo students over as well and a great time was had by all. There was great concern at first about gathering so many huge egos into a confined space (spontaneous combustion, over-consumption of oxygen, etc.), but everyone survived the photoshoot executed by Stephanie Richardson.The term ‘herding cats’ comes to mind, but in this case it was more like ‘deaf cats on crack’. Good job whipping ’em into shape, Steph!




dirty feet- spraypaint- absolute joy

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 by studioburns


my spraypainted feet in the spraypainted grass

Just for the joy of it, I have taken up painting~ I hope that my joy in the work spreads through the work itself and becomes a beautiful contagion (contagion- a noun- a thing that is contagious). I have no formal training and avoided painting for a long time choosing chalk pastels in my more artistic moments. How can I take myself too seriously when I’m covered up to my elbows in colorful dust? Painting always seemed formal and the technique transparent, in my case, showing my complete and utter ignorant ineptitude. I am willing to risk ineptitude these days, choosing the joy of creation over talent!I welcome painting buddies… I will welcome the most talented of painters but may show some bias in my attentions toward the painterly weak (the fullest of smiles belongs here)…..