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What Guy Did On His Summer Vacation

Posted in Gigapixel Panoramas, linkedin, Travel on August 26, 2009 by Guy Welch

Follow the link to my favorite place on earth. Come to a place that few ever tread. Say Ya to da U.P. eh! It’s an “Immersive Experience”!

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Take your son fishing…… Alaska

Posted in Travel on August 19, 2009 by Jerry

I have a running list I call “Top Ten Days in My Life”. Now, I’ve been on the planet for quite a few days, so you can imagine that I’m very selective about what makes the grade. I’m happy to say that I’ve just added the week I spent in Alaska with my son, Trevor, to the list. (I’m taking a little liberty in calling it one long day.) We fished, hiked, flew, explored (Trev saved my ass in a cave), ate like kings, took pictures and discovered things about the world and each other. Good times!

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Trev_lean on boat_MG_5934