Crazy curious.

I am just crazy, curious about people and their stories. Who are you anyway? Where are you from, what did you eat for breakfast, are you educated…formally or otherwise, where do you see yourself ten years from now, are you living out your first, second, third choice?
So, I pull up behind a car at a light on my morning intown commute today. A shiny silver Kia suv sort of thing, obviously new with a temporary tag, Cobb Co. First thing I think is ‘What are you doing in my itp hood so early?’ Then I see the arm extend and rest from the driver’s side window complete with black glove and poised cigarette. It’s gonna be in the 90’s today. What kind of goofball hipster is this? Gotta get a closer look. Female, 30’s, obviously new hipster hat. Then she turns right, I go straight. Was the glove part of a look? Does she just wear it for her morning smoke/commute and removes it so her hand doesn’t smell like an ashtray all day? I’m thinking, give up smoking, throw the glove in the trash, take the hundred bucks a month you save and put it toward your new car payment. Then find some new way to attract useless attention to yourself. But she didn’t get a chance to ask my advice.


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