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Hot enough for ya?

Posted in Travel on June 23, 2010 by Jerry

Well, it just wasn’t hot enough for me here in Atlanta with the upper 90’s temps this week. So I thought I’d take a week in Sedona. But just to be sure, I waited ’til they set the freakin’ place on fire! My name is Burns. What can I say?


Goin’ Coastal!

Posted in StudioBurns on June 11, 2010 by Jerry

Heading up to Canton, GA, home of Grant Design Collaborative, to shoot a project for Goin’ Coastal …a sustainable seafood joint. Great place and delicious fare! The really good news is that they are opening a new branch in Va-Hi just down the street from StudioBurns. I see many forms of seafood in my diet in the future;-) Check back soon for visuals!