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Facing Your Fears

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Everyone remembers 9/11. Where you were, who you were with, etc. It was a defining moment for this generation just like the Kennedy assassination was for my generation. Most people felt compelled to ‘do’ something…make a statement, chronicle the event…to wrap their heads around what happened. It’s just how we’re wired. My stab at that was a concoction of current circumstances and what was under my nose.

I was teaching photography at the time (in addition to running a studio), and Boushra was one of my students. Besides being a talented photographer, she and I were able to have many fascinating and insightful conversations about an awkward subject. When I approached her with my idea for the portrait, she was all in.



Since those days, Boushra has returned to Yemen, married and had four beautiful daughters and, among many accomplishments, was recognized as Yemen’s first professional female photographer (!  Now, following her life and career since then, I am proud to share this clip of her TED Talk. Facing your fears. Congratulations, Boushra!


StudioBurns Behind the Scenes

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Check out a behind the scenes video here for what goes on at StudioBurns!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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I was thinking about St Patrick’s Day coming up the other day. You see, My grandparents came over on the boat from Ireland, I was raised Catholic and even went to St. Patricks grade school for 8 years. Then I was looking at some renditions of the olde saint on holy cards and looked up to catch a glance of myself in a mirror. It occurred to me….y’know, I kinda look like him! One thing lead to another, a trip to Arabia Mountain, I tricked my wife into building a wicked wardrobe for me, and some castle and snake magic and voilla’! There you have it!


Guy Welch at MODA

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Our friends at Voyage Communications came to Guy with an idea to swing designers from lamp cords for a 75 foot long biographical mural for the Museum of Design Atlanta‘s exhibit “The South’s Next Wave: Design Challenge.” With help from Patrick Addy, master rigger and photo assistant, the concept come to life. Guy brought out the designers’ inner acrobat to create this larger than life display. A special thanks to Joe McGinnis, Joe Buckel, and Kevin Sharpe of Voyage Communications for steering such a great project to StudioBurns. You have until March 31st to check out the exhibit!