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Aren’t we supposed to be wireless by now?

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What happened to the streamlined vision of the future?


Another Wet Day On Elizabeth St.

Posted in Environment, linkedin, Misc Projects, StudioBurns on February 4, 2011 by Guy Welch

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day (when I have more time to take pictures of you)!


Reality is Overrated

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I just finished work with Cooper Lighting on two brochure covers for their Marquis L.E.D. lighting fixtures. The brochures cover the two main market segments that these fixtures are used in: Billboard and street signage. Typically when we are working with a client in this stage of launching a product, the product does not exist in the location it would ultimately be used in (sometimes it doesn’t exist at all). This is a perfect opportunity to take some flights of fantasy, and illustrate exactly how our client wants to market thier product. None of these scenes really exist, though every bit of these images are photography.

Through careful “hunting and gathering”, I pull all the assetts together and combine (or “composite”) them to create the final product. This process usually takes a couple of weeks just to capture all the different images at the right angles and when the light is just right (plus make friends with everyone who is charge of the property I have to stand on) and put it together in rough form, then another solid week of revisions and tweaking.

Yes, it’s a fairly involved process, but in the end, the final product is exactly as envisioned and something that doen’t really exist suddenly does.

The Milliken Constantine Merger

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the Milliken/Constantine Carpets "Combined to Create" ad campaign.

Check out the last few issues of Metropolis Magazine and other fine contract design publications for the latest series of ads for Milliken/Constantine Carpets. Milliken, a longtime, beloved client, asked me to shoot their latest ad campaign announcing their merger with Constantine Carpets. They’ve put out some pretty groundbreaking carpet tile designs by designer Cresta Bledsoe. I was blown away by how they fit together and created such a unique look.

What Guy Did On His Summer Vacation

Posted in Gigapixel Panoramas, linkedin, Travel on August 26, 2009 by Guy Welch

Follow the link to my favorite place on earth. Come to a place that few ever tread. Say Ya to da U.P. eh! It’s an “Immersive Experience”!

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