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J+J Invision Time Lapse

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J+J Invision and StudioBurns teamed up once again. This time we packed up everything and headed to Cantoni, right off Piedmont Park, for a two day shoot of the newest C3 line of carpets, which will be featured at Neocon 2013. We all collaborated on creating contemporary yet classic imagery, and we were even able to fit in cheesesteaks from Atlanta’s iconic Woody’s. Check out our time lapse here to see what a blast we had!



We love design!

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All three photographers here at StudioBurns love our craft and are drawn to subject matter that speak to us as individuals. For me, the architecture of well designed furniture has a distinct voice. The materials used, hand craftsmanship, and simplicity of the Arcadia, Aloft lounge chair, designed by Qdesign ( and retailed locally at Corporate Environments (, is a perfect example of form and function meeting up in a beautiful way. Here it is in walnut with horizontal graining and beautiful white leather. – Tom Abraham

_MG_1980_web _MG_1964_web _MG_1949_web

Facing Your Fears

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Everyone remembers 9/11. Where you were, who you were with, etc. It was a defining moment for this generation just like the Kennedy assassination was for my generation. Most people felt compelled to ‘do’ something…make a statement, chronicle the event…to wrap their heads around what happened. It’s just how we’re wired. My stab at that was a concoction of current circumstances and what was under my nose.

I was teaching photography at the time (in addition to running a studio), and Boushra was one of my students. Besides being a talented photographer, she and I were able to have many fascinating and insightful conversations about an awkward subject. When I approached her with my idea for the portrait, she was all in.



Since those days, Boushra has returned to Yemen, married and had four beautiful daughters and, among many accomplishments, was recognized as Yemen’s first professional female photographer (!  Now, following her life and career since then, I am proud to share this clip of her TED Talk. Facing your fears. Congratulations, Boushra!

StudioBurns Behind the Scenes

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Check out a behind the scenes video here for what goes on at StudioBurns!


Happy Valentine’s Day

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Good Thinking Hosts Patrick Coyne, Editor of Communication Arts

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What a wonderful evening last night! Good Thinking and StudioBurns had the honor of hosting the esteemed Patrick Coyne, Editor of Communication Arts Magazine for a gathering of Atlanta Design luminaries and old and new friends. We shared the story, successes, and dreams of GT’s creator, Matthew Porter. Looking forward to another year of doing good for good causes and making a difference.

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The Small Studio…

Posted in Misc Projects, StudioBurns on July 22, 2012 by Jerry

When things get busy, you get creative. All corners of StudioBurns were bustling with work! Sets everywhere. So the casting session for Workrite Ergonomics had to move into my office. No worries, it’s still bigger than a NYC apartment. Shot the job a week later and final product appears on their website and at Neocon in Chicago. Thanks to Rina Menosky and Callie Householder for art direction and production. (pictured)

Will make any space work.