StudioBurns & MODA

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StudioBurns, once again, partners with Museum of Design Atlanta to shoot exhibition images for “Eero Saarinen: A Reputation for Innovation.” Tom Abraham loves design, so it was a joy for him to shoot an exhibit dedicated to the groundbreaking designer and architect. Visit MODA to check out the show that closes June 30th.

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Human Cars

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Working with Kristin Alpers at Bernard Hodes Group, Tom Abraham managed to coax a group of contortionists to form cars for an ad campaign for Ford Motor Company. Here’s how he did it.


StudioBurns Hosts Randall Bramblett

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What a night! The great Randall Bramblett ( founding member of Sea Level, toured with Steve Winwood and Traffic, the Allman Brothers and most recently with Bonnie Raitt whose Grammy winning album includes ‘Used to Rule the World’ a song he penned, graced the stage of StudioBurns for our first House Concert of the season. Food, drink, friends and LIVE music! It doesn’t get any better for this music fan.
Check out some of the pics from the evening and a video clip:
Here at StudioBurns, we don’t just take pictures. We are interesting.

We love design!

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All three photographers here at StudioBurns love our craft and are drawn to subject matter that speak to us as individuals. For me, the architecture of well designed furniture has a distinct voice. The materials used, hand craftsmanship, and simplicity of the Arcadia, Aloft lounge chair, designed by Qdesign ( and retailed locally at Corporate Environments (, is a perfect example of form and function meeting up in a beautiful way. Here it is in walnut with horizontal graining and beautiful white leather. – Tom Abraham

_MG_1980_web _MG_1964_web _MG_1949_web

Facing Your Fears

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Everyone remembers 9/11. Where you were, who you were with, etc. It was a defining moment for this generation just like the Kennedy assassination was for my generation. Most people felt compelled to ‘do’ something…make a statement, chronicle the event…to wrap their heads around what happened. It’s just how we’re wired. My stab at that was a concoction of current circumstances and what was under my nose.

I was teaching photography at the time (in addition to running a studio), and Boushra was one of my students. Besides being a talented photographer, she and I were able to have many fascinating and insightful conversations about an awkward subject. When I approached her with my idea for the portrait, she was all in.



Since those days, Boushra has returned to Yemen, married and had four beautiful daughters and, among many accomplishments, was recognized as Yemen’s first professional female photographer (!  Now, following her life and career since then, I am proud to share this clip of her TED Talk. Facing your fears. Congratulations, Boushra!

StudioBurns Behind the Scenes

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Check out a behind the scenes video here for what goes on at StudioBurns!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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I was thinking about St Patrick’s Day coming up the other day. You see, My grandparents came over on the boat from Ireland, I was raised Catholic and even went to St. Patricks grade school for 8 years. Then I was looking at some renditions of the olde saint on holy cards and looked up to catch a glance of myself in a mirror. It occurred to me….y’know, I kinda look like him! One thing lead to another, a trip to Arabia Mountain, I tricked my wife into building a wicked wardrobe for me, and some castle and snake magic and voilla’! There you have it!